About Us


Hello! My name is Marian Sweeney from Dungloe in the beautiful Co Donegal. It was always my vision to go down the road of design. It took me a few years and a lot of traveling to get here! After school I went to Dublin and got work in secretarial roles - comes in handy for the filing and organisational side of things! After moving back to Donegal I went straight to college and in 2009 I graduated with a Design Degree after 3 years in LYIT. In-between this I got married (Should throw that in there as he is half of Jeem Design after all!) In 2010 Jenny came along & in 2014 Emma followed.. 


In 2015 I was doing freelance design work so the name JE (Jenny) EM (Emma) was created & JEEM design was born! I love all things design.. The more creative & quirky your request the better.. My first major job was in March 2015 when a friend approached me to design her branding for her start up business - Marley & Tea.

From there other design jobs came along.. After a little family holiday to Co Clare for Easter 2016 an opportunity came to set out on my own & here I am.. My family are 100% behind me, Jamie being my courier, folder, coffee maker & general back bone of the business! The 2 ladies love helping when they can.. They inspired the name after all!


My goal is to stick to what I’m good at, and that’s design! I love to create simple, usable and beautiful designs. My aim is to help achieve goals, and use effective design to get the job done.. Services include Wedding Stationery, logo design, branding, graphic design, social media promotions, posters, brochures, flyers, business cards & corporate stationery.